Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing for Influencers, Brands, and Startups

The problem with social media marketing is that it’s actually more of a science than people think. So, a lot of people think that they can manage their company or brand’s profile in the same way that they manage a personal account. They post at random times throughout the day, use completely useless hashtags, don’t engage with their target audience. The problem with this is that a personal account gets likes because people personally know you and they know what you’re about and who you are so regardless of what you are posting, they will like it and engage with you.

But with a brand, your goal is to convert people into your customers. You are trying to extract value from their life. If you aren’t posting consistently, targeting the right people, or failing to convey your brand’s ideals then your customers are going to be confused and the amount of time you put in won’t equate to that exponential growth start ups need to succeed. You’re conveying an entirely different message and if you use the same methods as your personal account then it won’t work as well as if you’re sticking to a marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be some master plan that defines every aspect of your social media accounts. It just needs to lay out a couple things:

1. What you’re going to post about… What content is your target audience looking for? How are you going to get content for it? Do your products/services fit into the content your audience wants to see? You can’t sell surfboards to a page dedicated to computers and tech.
2. When you’re going to post… This is probably the most crucial aspect because Instagram will show your content to more people based on how many likes it gets in the first hour. So you need to figure out when your target audience is on instagram the most (its usually around 9am, 12pm, or 3pm for me)
3. How you’re going to reach your target audience… Are you using influencers to promote your brand? What hashtags are you going to use? Are you running any deals or promotions?
3. The goals you want to achieve from social media marketing… Are you trying to get your brand’s name out there? Are you trying to convert customers into sales?

If you are going to handle social media marketing in house, you don’t need to even write this down – just keep these questions in mind when you are forming your posts. The key is to have a plan and stick to it. You can change it as you grow and learn more, but aimlessly posting on a supposedly professional account won’t get you very far contrary to how it might work on your personal page.

While it may seem overwhelming to need a marketing strategy plan when you are first getting started, it will help you down the line. And there are a lot of tools that make this easier than you’d think. For example, my newest web app, (formerly, takes boatloads of time out of the entire Instagram management process. Once you determine who your target audience is, when you should post on Instagram, and the type of content your audience is looking for, you can automate almost the entire process with Zenfluencer. I run multiple accounts on social media and never spend more than a few hours a month on them. The service even has a 7 day free trial to try it out, check it out here: . On average I spent 30 minutes a month per account on social media marketing. So how does how does Zenfluencer work?

Zenfluencer helps small brands, big companies, and influencers in a couple different ways. First off, it makes it so easy to schedule your posts with the calendar view. After bulk-uploading your photos from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft One Cloud, simply select the date and time you want them to post. This is a HUGE time saver, as it allows you to schedule an entire month of posts at once. For example, November is coming up so planning a Black Friday sale is hugely important to sales. We can schedule content posts everyday to keep our followers engaged and attentive to our brand, then all week we can post reminders to our timeline or story to build up hype for the sale and set up multiple posts for the day of with special codes to get deals. On top of that, the week of, you could set up the Auto-DM feature to send direct messages to all new followers about our huge sale on Black Friday. Now, with just 15-30 minutes, we’ve set up an entire month of sales and promotion. It’s important not to get carried away with some of the features, because Instagram may see your account as too spammy if you are sending multiple DM’s to your followers.

When I was managing one of my company’s, Tails casual Outfitters, I would have one or two content pictures a day (such as fishing or surfing because that was my target audience) followed by 2 posts a week on my most engaging days for a promotion, like 20% off hats or free shipping on orders over $50. I’ve found this to be a good balance between producing relevant content for my audience, but also capitalizing on them. A lot of brands mess up this balance and lose followers because they promote too much.

But what’s really great about Zenfluencer is just the amount of time you save. You might not realize it until you try out the free trial, but once you try it, you’ll think it’s insane to spend 5-15 minutes every single day trying to find content, typing out the captions/hashtags on your phone, waiting for the right time, etc. All of that I can do ahead of time which means I can spend 30 minutes or so planning a month’s worth of posts then I can schedule all of them up by entire month to do whatever else I need to do and I know that my social media marketing is already taken care of. This is a massively significant amount of time that I’ve noticed small business owners and startups wasting time on. If you have taken the left hand path of being an entrepreneur, you’re already at a disadvantage. You have smaller odds of success as an entrepreneur trying to bring your idea to life and there are thousands of things already on your mind that you’re worried about. Take all of the time consuming aspects of social media marketing out of the equation so you can focus on those things.